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Slimport To HDMI NEXUS 4

2015-12-9      View:
  • Brand   Flek Technology
  • Type   DPA45
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Compatible with all DP1.2 Graphics
Source devices with Fast AUX support Up to 6 daisy chained monitors
Fully independent video resolution and refresh rate
Each monitor with local USB devices
Video cloning on multiple displays for enterprise and commercial applications
Single source driving up to 25 displays (3x3/4x4/5x5 display Matrix)
Highest level of signal integrity over long cables (up to 15m)
HDCP protection for transmitting high definition audio & video(Slimport micro USB cable: (7/0.08T*1P+D+AL+MYLAR)*1C+7/0.08T*3C+AL+SP,JACKET PVC BLACK. OD=3.0±0.15mm)
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